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Stadium and Main: It's on

Monday, August 28, 2006

It's on

It’s game week. See the weather forecast for the game here.

Check out some photos from Saturday’s “Fan Day” (P.S. – Looks like the partial bleacher renovation is done, and that Maize paint is pretty bright)

This short blurb in the Free Press quotes Mike Kolodziej as saying that he is “good to go.” This is probably good for OL depth purposes, especially at Right Tackle, but I’m not sold on him seeing significant playing time yet. Since Lloyd is so secretive about injuries, I never know what to believe. He should be a press agent when he retires – he’s that good.

The officially official Depth Chart is out, which doesn’t mean too much (again, Lloyd Carr, “Tom Cruise’s next press agent”). But, pretending that it is meaningful… Things of note:

- Charles Stewart appears to have won the “other CB” spot.

- Obi Oluigbo is officially the starter at Fullback, having surpassed Will Paul.

- Mike Kolodziej is not on the 2-deep, which is probably not a good sign, regardless of what was said in the article linked above.

- Confusion at the LB slots: Chris Graham starting at MIKE?! It was supposed to be David Harris at MIKE, so this could just be a typo sorta thing. But also note that Prescott Burgess is not listed as a starter, which is possibly a motivational tactic.

- Will Johnson getting some love. Terrance Taylor “or” Will Johnson starting at DT – it will likely be Taylor getting most snaps, though.

- Punter could be tag-team style.

- As expected, Alex Mitchell at Right Guard, Rueben Riley at Right Tackle, for now.

The Athletic Department wants you to wear Maize to all of the games, which is fine with me, seeing that I just bought some of that bright yellow cotton to match my pale Swedish skin. Jaundice love.

Ask the player. Keep it clean, folks.


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