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Stadium and Main: College Rules, the NFL Drools

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

College Rules, the NFL Drools has a huge theme going on today – the debate between College Football and the NFL. A few things that I want to mention regarding this topic:

- Parity is a bad thing. I like knowing that Michigan will always beat certain teams. I also like seeing a team like Vanderbilt beat a team like Tennessee every once in a blue moon [Although I won’t enjoy it if a team like Vanderbilt beats a team like Michigan on September 2nd]. Yes, college games can be predictable, but it makes those random upsets even that much more awesome. Parity is hurting the NFL. Sure, the Patriots have had a nice run, but the league is overflowing with a bunch of 8-8 nonsense. Very few teams stand out, and the ones that do often flop the next year (coughPhiladelphiaEaglescough). There is hope for every team, but I’m not sold on this being a good thing. Vandy fans were going absolutely nuts when they won at Tennessee last season. Do you think Cardinals fans were doing the same thing when Arizona won at San Francisco a few weeks later? Nope. And for two main reasons: (1) Parity has made the 49ers into a piece of garbage, and (2)…

- There is little, if any, emotional investment in NFL teams. Many (if not most) college fans have a deep connection with “their school.” When bad things happen to Michigan, it effects me. I have invested (way too much) time, money, and energy into that school. The University of Michigan is a product. I’m a graduate, and I am forever linked with that product. And I’m not saying that non-alums can’t have that sort of connection. What I’m saying is that when a Cincinnati Bengal gets arrested for something stupid, their fans can laugh it off. When an Ohio State Buckeye gets arrested for something stupid, Ohio State fans and alums take more of a hit. Their school is corrupt… filled with criminals… a bunch of cheaters. I’m not trying to defend OSU, I’m just saying that stuff like this happens, and for college fans, it hits us on a much more personal level. I know, I know… Steelers fans are nuts, Eagles fans are nuts and rude, whatever. I'm sure that fans of many NFL teams are happy when their team wins, and ecstatic when their team wins the Super Bowl. But in college, every school has fans that care passionately about every game – from Alabama to Amherst. 4-8 can be an amazing season for many schools, provided the 4 wins come against the "right" teams. 5-11 is never a good season in Dallas, even if 2 of those wins are over Washington and another 2 are over New York.

There's just no comparison.


Blogger Gorilla said...

I enjoy your site for the Michigan updates.

Stick to those, because neither of these points make any sense.

We are all ultimately dumber for having even read your post, Billy Madison style.

Next time try something like, "This debate is really pointless -- I care about college football more because I'm dedicated with every fiber of my being to the winningest program of all time."

That's something we can all get behind.


4:10 PM  
Blogger Nick said...

Ah, yes - The Gorilla, of whatevs fame. I appreciate your input. And, definitely, Go Blue!

4:28 PM  
Blogger Gorilla said...

"Fame" is a strong word.


11:05 AM  

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