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Stadium and Main: Hopes, Expectations, and Things I Wanna See (Pt. 1)

Friday, August 11, 2006

Hopes, Expectations, and Things I Wanna See (Pt. 1)

This will be the first of a few posts where I list some arbitrary hopes, expectations, and things I wanna see this season. With only 3 weeks until the season opener, it’s time to rock ‘n’ roll. And, yes, I realize that “wanna” is not a word. [P.S. For the 17 of you that visit this site semi-regularly, my next post will be on Tuesday. Long weekend in Beantown, y’all.]

And away we go...

- I hope we have better luck with injuries (or lack thereof) this season. We have to, right?

- I expect the Defense to be better. If it isn’t, I will be severely disappointed.

- I wanna see Mike Hart break a screen pass for a huge gain. This is one of the few things that Hart hasn’t been able to do yet, possibly due to our predictable play-calling. With an alleged change in Offensive philosophy, and a new (yet old) Offensive Coordinator, maybe the screen won’t be as obvious this year.

- I hope our Linebackers improve their play. I really, really hope so.

- Speaking of LBs, I expect Shawn Crable to have more than a handful of batted passes (with those crazy-lanky arms).

- I wanna see Adrian Arrington catching jump balls for TDs. If our Offense is gonna be successful, we need someone with that Braylon-like mid-air adjustment ability. Henne was “raised” on that his Freshman year, and clearly missed it last season. No offense to Breaston or Manningham, but we need that tall, athletic WR.

- I hope Mike Kolodziej has a healthy and productive year at Right Tackle. Last year was a bit scary for the Offensive Line, but weird and really scary for Kolodziej.

- I expect True Freshman RB Carlos Brown to fumble a punt or kick return, primarily because Lloyd will have him so afraid to do so.

- Despite that, I wanna see Carlos Brown returning punts and/or kicks, primarily because having All-America CB Leon Hall do so is just asking for trouble. And, no offense Leon, but you’re not that good at it (returns for TDs against Indiana don’t count).


Blogger Jake said...

It would be great to see half of those things. In regards to the defense being better, how about a return to the run stuffing defenses that WE were "raised" on. I remember when teams couldn't run on Michigan. The secondary used to get burned a new arm hole like they do now but at least the run defense was ALWAYS breaking up plays in the backfield. That's the primary reason why I loved Michigan football growing up(and still do despite what has transpired since '97).

8:26 PM  

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