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Stadium and Main: One more "empty Saturday," folks!

Monday, August 21, 2006

One more "empty Saturday," folks!

I like to refer to Saturdays without College Football as "empty Saturdays." No matter how great the day is, there's just always something missing. So it gives me great pleasure to state the obvious: There is only one more empty Saturday before College Football season!! I encourage you to use this day to contact loved ones, go out to dinner with your significant other, run some errands, take a shower, or do some volunteer work. Because if you're reading this blog, you know you won't be doing any of that stuff this Fall, including the shower. Now, on to stuff...

Jake Long and LaMarr Woodley were named the Captains of this year’s football team, and they had some bland thing to say about it. Some fans are disappointed that Lloyd didn’t “break” the “rule” which says that only players with 4 years or more in the program can be Captains at Michigan. So, while both Hart and Long have Junior eligibility, only Long can be a Captain (because he redshirted). People on message boards are (surprise!) getting a bit out of hand with this stuff. Leaders don’t need a title. People aren’t going to stop listening to Mike Hart in the huddle just because he isn’t a Captain. He wasn’t a Captain last year, and look at the impact he had – the Offense clicked when he was healthy, and it struggled when he wasn’t. I don’t want to sound too much like Bob Davie or, even worse, Tim Brant, but it is clear that the team has a different level of confidence when Hart is in the game. No title or designation is going to change that.

While this story is only related to Michigan in a "Ferris Bueller at 31 Flavors" kind of way, I figured I’d let you know about it in case you missed it. For background, Sam Keller is the son of Mike Keller, a former Michigan player. Sam originally committed to Michigan, but chose Arizona State after a change of heart [coincidental side note – Michigan’s backup QB, Jason Forcier, originally committed to Arizona State, but later signed with Michigan]. Keller was named the starting QB at ASU on Friday, but in ye olde “shocking turn of events,” he was named the backup less than 2 days later. I don’t think anybody knows what really happened here. Many are assuming the players want “the other guy” (Rudy Carpenter) at QB, and protested coach Dirk Koetter’s decision. If so, Koetter is clearly disconnected from the pulse of his team. If not, Koetter is an idiot for flip-flopping over the weekend. Talk about messing with your players’ heads. For all of the grief that I give Lloyd, this kind of stuff makes me glad that we at least have a coach that knows how to handle his team. And, FYI, I doubt Keller would transfer to Michigan. Our depth chart is not favorable to a guy in his position.


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