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Stadium and Main: Quick Final Poll Reactions

Monday, December 04, 2006

Quick Final Poll Reactions

Everybody had Michigan and Florida in their Top 3 in the coaches’ poll ballots. I think people realized that voting Michigan #7 would cost them their ballot, credibility, etc. So, yay for that.

- Texas’, Texas Tech’s, and TCU’s coaches all voted Michigan #2, which I found odd. Not sure if that is significant. Some might argue “they know their football in Texas!,” but it might just be an anomaly. FWIW, Texas A&M’s coach voted Florida #2.

- Speaking of TCU, Head Coach Gary Patterson and (soon-to-be former) CMU coach Brian Kelly, who have been mentioned as possible future Michigan Head Coaches, voted Michigan #2. Another “name” that has been tossed around, Jeff Tedford, had Florida at #2.

- Charlie Weis had Michigan at #2. Biggest idiot = Ron Zook, who was run out of Gainesville, and who coaches in the Big Ten now (Illinois), voting Florida #2. So much for sticking up for your conference.

FYI, here are the final Harris Poll ballots (the other human poll in the BCS). I haven’t looked at every ballot, but the final numbers were very similar to the coaches’ poll. Also, Earle Bruce (former OSU coach) voted Florida #2. Another piece of evidence that OSU folks would rather play Florida (because, you know, they’re not as good as Michigan).

In related news: Lloyd Carr is the man (did I really just say that?!).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know we would have smoked you again weare not afraid to play and obviously you can't beat us so says a 1-5 record against Tressel. We don't want to prove that we are better than you we've already done that and I see no point to do it again because in all honesty the national championship was played November 18th.

10:46 AM  
Blogger Rob said...

We can complain all we want that UM got jobbed, but if the BCS is going to be the way we pick a champ then UM/Big 10 need to make some changes....

1 - Big 10 needs a playoff or...

2 - Since all teams have the 12th game now, all Big 10 teams should play all within the conference. This will still leave 2 non-conf games. Then...

2 - UM needs to schedule like they did back in the mid-80s thru late 90's. I looked back to see if my memory was correct regarding schedule (and it was). UM played (at a minimum) 2 games against teams like ND, Big 8/Big 12, Pac 10, SEC, ACC/Old Big East! Look at those teams and remember how good they were back then….BC, UCLA, FSU, Miami, Wash St. A bad precedent was set back about 5-6 years ago when UM dodged VA Tech in the Michael Vick days in the kickoff classic. Don’t get me wrong, I like financially helping out the “local schools” in the MAC, but not if it’s at the expense of rankings at the end of the year.

The problem is that this all comes down to $$$$ and no school wants to lose 2 or 3 games, thus killing a shot at the big money BCS games. BUT...the system the way it is today eliminated UM from the biggest $$$ game anyway so why not just play a strong schedule????

Am I wrong?

11:29 AM  
Blogger Nick said...


"obviously you can't beat us so says a 1-5 record against Tressel."

Well, we did win one of those games (as you mentioned), so obviously we can beat "you." Classic Buckeye logic!

"in all honesty the national championship was played November 18th."

In theory, I agree. I just would have liked a shot at the National Title in Glendale (like Florida will get) instead of in Columbus (like Michigan got).

3:48 PM  
Blogger Jake said...

Anonymous, I'm sure you and your illogical cohorts would be thrilled if the BCS Championship game was played in "The Swamp". So yeah, you're right, the "real" National Championship game was played, for the first time ever, in Columbus, OH. You also might want to send in a petition to the NFL to get the Super Bowl Tropy that the New England Patriots won in 2001 revoked. See, the Patriots beat the Rams in the SB but by your brilliant logic, the fact that the Rams beat the Patriots in the regular season should have been the real Super Bowl. I'm not going to call you a "typical" Buckeye because I know a lot of Buckeye fans that aren't ignorant. I'll just call you a typical uninformed college football fan.

Nick, I'm sure you saw this by now but there were some idiots in the Harris Poll. One Harris voter put Florida #1. That had the same impact as two voters that had Michigan #2 and Florida #3. Also, there were four Harris voters that put Michigan fourth!. That had the same impact as eight voters that put Michigan #2 and Florida #3. When a system is placed into the hands of a bunch of people with personal biases, there is the risk of people making policty and sabotaging the system to reflect their own biases. In all honesty, those voters took it upon themselves to have a bigger impact than the "average" voters. Had Michigan lost out by only three or four votes in the Harris Poll, that would have been a huge story. It's too bad that didn't happen. The voters that placed Florida #1 and Michigan #4 should have their voting privileges revoked.

5:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"You know we would have smoked you again weare not afraid to play and obviously you can't beat us so says a 1-5 record against Tressel."

Yeah.... Nice stat. Here are some more.

Overall, all-time record: Michigan: 57 wins. Ohio State: 40 wins. 6 ties.

Michigan has shut out Ohio State 26 times. Ohio State has shut out Michigan 11 times.

Michigan's largest margin of victory against Ohio State is 86 points. Ohio State's largest margin of victory against Michigan is 38.

6:55 PM  

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