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Stadium and Main: Still processing

Monday, November 20, 2006

Still processing

I watched The Game over at a friend’s place (thanks, MS), and as I walked home with my girlfriend, she asked me how I was feeling a few times. I kept telling her that I was still processing everything, and I think I still am. I avoided the internet all day yesterday – No need for the "fire Carr" stuff (although I was happy to see very little of that). I just did a full message board scan, and I’m planning on re-watching The Game a few times this week.

I’ll just mention 3 plays that are forever burned into my memory:

1 – "The overthrow" to Mario. Blame the poor turf, blame Henne, blame God. That would have given us another 1st Quarter TD, and would have changed the face of the game.

2 – Stopped on a 3rd-and-1 run in the 2nd Quarter. I’m starting to hate the Zone Stretch on 3rd-and-1.

3 – "The penalty" on Crable. It was probably the right call. If that was Henne as the QB, I’d be screaming for the penalty. But that was just a game-killer. We would have had the ball back, down 4, with a chance to score a potential game-winning TD.

I still think Michigan is the 2nd-best team in the country, but I won’t melt down if we don’t get a rematch. More on that at a later date. For now, I’ve still gotta process some thoughts.


Anonymous Craig said...

Giving up 3rd and 16 in the first quarter certainly didn't help our cause either. Blitzing the safety opened up the middle of the field, and even with the extra man power nobody was able to pressure Smith. I thought it was a horrible play call, just play defense and hold them to a 10 yard gain.

11:46 AM  
Blogger Nick said...

Good point. OSU had a designed rollout, away from the blitz, and we were toast. That was a huge play. Stop them, and we have the ball up 7-0. Ugh.

4:04 PM  

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