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Stadium and Main: It’s Ohio State week

Monday, November 13, 2006

It’s Ohio State week

And it could, and maybe should, be Ohio State week again starting on New Year’s Day.

After a crazy weekend filled with upsets, a Michigan-Ohio State rematch seems much more possible. I think I’ll save my “in depth” comments about this until after The Game, but I just want to comment on some people’s logic (or lack thereof). For instance, Lee Corso said this weekend that there could/should only be a rematch if Ohio State lost. Apparently his reasoning was something like “Ohio State has been #1 all year, so they would deserve another shot.” So, proponents of that theory, you have Lee Corso on your side. It seems like people are forgetting that this game is in Columbus. If Michigan loses a close game, how can you not stop and think, “I wonder who would have won on a neutral field?” Oh, and by the way, Michigan’s only loss in that scenario would have been on the road against the unanimous #1 team. USC lost at Oregon State (huh?), Florida lost at Auburn (and really should have lost at home to South Carolina), and Notre Dame… who beat them? That’s right – Michigan. In South Bend. By 26. Arkansas is a good team, but they lost 50(!)-14 at home to USC (not to mention barely escaping Vandy and Alabama). Don’t even get me started on Rutgers.

The whole “you must drop a few spots in the polls because you lost late in the season” logic is a joke. Seriously, is there anybody out there that doesn’t think Michigan and Ohio State are the Top 2 teams in the country? Then why would a loss by one to the other change that? “People don’t like rematches?” Too bad! Michigan and Ohio State both deserve one (Michigan more so than OSU, in my opinion). Other teams might have impressive victories in the coming weeks, but they can’t change the one important thing that has already happened: their losses. Michigan and Ohio State both have some quality wins under their belts, and one of them will have another this Saturday. But the one thing that the loser will have, that the other one-loss BCS contenders won’t have, is a quality loss. That’s right, a quality loss. I hate to go all NCAA Tournament Selection Committee on you, but it’s true.

If The Game is fairly close, I think a rematch is justified, and then some. There, I said it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

well said. i'm bookin my AZ tix now

4:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

IMO if OSU loses they absolutely don't deserve another shot barring a Oregon-Oklahoma ref disaster. Losing at home gives them an opportunity to try again on a neutral field? I'd rather give a shot to another team, even though OSU has the "best lost".

If Michigan loses a really close one then maybe (but I don't think it would happen).

4:54 PM  
Blogger Ben said...

I completely agree with your logic. Makes prefect sense.

But unfortunately, unless it is a real classic, a rematch in January is not gonna happen. The pollsters and TV people will want to see the winner of UM or OSU take on the winner of Notre Dame or USC. Are there any better or more storied programs in college football?

I am ticked that Rutgers seems to have no shot if they somehow win out. I know it is Rutgers, but if they beat both Louisville and at WVU, then I think they might deserve a shot (with some help).

Go Blue. Go Cal. Go Army.

RU, rah rah!

5:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think UM has a better shot at a rematch if they lose than does OSU.
This is because the computers like UM better 5/6 1st place votes (last I looked) than OSU who most computers have at 3. Therefore, UM has a larger buffer against a loss.

*This effect is mostly due to OSU not playing Wisconsin and the fact that computers can't use margin of victory.

People may not like it but the computers play a major roll in BCS selection.

10:12 PM  
Blogger Nick said...

While I agree with the logic that OSU wouldn't be as deserving, since they would have lost at home, the BCS is supposed to select the Top 2 teams. In my mind, nothing has happened, and nothing really CAN happen, to prove to me that Michigan and Ohio State are not the Top 2.

8:19 AM  
Blogger greg said...

The thought of the Irish passing a 1-loss Michigan makes me ill. As Let's handle our business on Sat. and if we have to beat the Bucks twice, so be it. Besides, the Buck Nuts built a LEGO replica of the Horseshoe: - they have that going for them.

11:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

a rematch wouldn't be fair to the winner. at least the other 1 loss teams havn't already been beaten by the osu/un winner. rematches are boring usually, see 1996 UF over FSU. also, its extremely hard to beat a really good team twice in one season. plus how does a split help decide the MNC? you would need to play another game to find out for sure. basically if you lose to a team once, you don't deserve another shot unless its literally the last option.

the only way UM/OSU loser should get in is if: USC loses to Cal, beats ND, Ark loses then beats UF in SEC champ, and rutgers loses to WVU

12:52 PM  

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