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Stadium and Main: Week 10 CFB thoughts

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Week 10 CFB thoughts

- Who woulda thunk that Miami at Maryland would be a “big” game this year? Big in the sense that Maryland can win the ACC Atlantic Division, and that Miami is trying to avoid going 6-6 (with their remaining games at Maryland, at Virginia, and vs. Boston College). Wherever Miami goes for a bowl game, they could set a record for fewest tickets sold. This is their worst season in a long time, 99% of Miami fans want Coker fired, and Miami fans don’t travel well anyway. Seriously, does somebody keep track of things like this? They might play in the MPC Computers Bowl against San Jose State!

- FYI: “Tailback Mike Hart's streak of consecutive carries without a fumble lost remains intact thanks to a NCAA rule. Hart fumbled against Ball State, which resulted in a first-quarter safety. But because the safety led to Michigan retaining possession and punting, the fumble cannot be classified as a fumble for loss. Hart has now had 688 straight carries without a fumble.”

- Louisville-WVU ended up being what I thought it might be: Lots of offense and plenty of sloppiness. Unfortunately, that’s just the type of game that the mainstream media seems to enjoy. They see high scores and think “that’s exciting football.” I see high scores and think “where’s the D?” So now Louisville sits at #3 in the BCS. I’m not sure if somebody can pass them, either, since the Computers and the Humans seem to be working against each other, so to speak. For instance, the Humans have Cal 9th, but the Computers have them 4th. The Humans have Texas 3rd or 4th, the Computers have them 10th. There just isn’t a “solid #4 team” out there under the BCS formula, and it might help Louisville get into the BCS Championship Game. It’s kind of like how Nader took votes away from Gore in 2000. Cal is going to take Computer votes away from Florida, assuming both win out, and neither will make it up to #2.

- On a related note, a Michigan-OSU rematch is not impossible, yet. I think that if Louisville wins out, Louisville would be ahead of the Michigan-OSU loser after November 18th. But if Louisville loses, anything can happen. The Computers love Michigan and OSU. In fact, Michigan is #1 in the Computer average this week, and might not be punished too severely for a loss at Ohio State. The key, still, is how the other 1-loss teams fare in the coming weeks. If crazy stuff happens, Human voters will be forced to keep the loser of Michigan-OSU ranked at #3 or somewhere pretty high. Remember – Notre Dame and Texas just don’t have good arguments for jumping over Michigan and Ohio State, respectively. If they keep winning while other teams start losing, things could get nuts.

- If you missed the end of the first half of the PSU-Wisconsin game, it might be worth your time to read this summary. I’m still torn on how I feel about it, but it’s clear that the rule will be changed to prevent this type of thing in the future.


Blogger Jake said...

The ACC is unbelievable! They might end up with eight bowl eligible teams and none of them are good!

4:59 PM  

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