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Stadium and Main: Post-Gophers post

Monday, October 02, 2006

Post-Gophers post


- A very “Michigan” 28-14 win. Could have won 42-10, but made a few mistakes at inopportune times, and played Herrmann-esque Defense to give Minnesota some life at the end of the game. Whatever, I’ll take it.

- Keep running the post routes this week. MSU’s secondary might not be as bad as in past seasons, but until teams show they can stop these routes (by both Manningham and Arrington), I say keep at it. Henne is playing these quite well – looking off the safety and everything. And he would have had another TD against Minnesota if not for an overthrow.

- Having Hart carry the ball so many times makes me a bit nervous (31 in this game). I’m hopeful that in the 3 weeks prior to the OSU game, he won’t have to play much (Northwestern, Ball State, at Indiana), but I don’t want to see him get worn down or injured over the next 3 games.

- Then again, Grady is not looking so hot. He had another bad fumble, and I just don’t trust him on 3rd or 4th and short.

- Not the best defensive performance, but good enough. We lost outside containment a few times, and got lucky when Minnesota dropped a few passes. CB Morgan Trent did not play (broken hand), but could be available this week. And after seeing Charles Stewart get picked on a bit, we probably need him.

- A bit worried about TE depth. I haven’t check around since Saturday, but Tyler Ecker didn’t play (but should be back) and Carson Butler was suspended for the game. Mike Massey is fine, but we need some more bodies there.

- No sacks this game, and I’m not sure what to make of that. The DL got good penetration on many running plays, but never got to the QB. And it’s not like Minnesota wasn’t passing – they threw 34 times. I hope it was an anomaly.

- MSU will give us a game. The fact that they have choked the past 2 weeks means nothing – they’re MSU, that’s what they do. But what they also do is play us tough (except for 2002, I guess). This game is their season. They’re playing for their coach’s job. It’s gone to overtime the past 2 years with virtually the same “talent levels” on both sides. They have nothing to lose. I’m not predicting an MSU victory – just saying that if you think it will be a cakewalk, you’re probably one of those people that guaranteed a victory over Notre Dame last year. It’s a rivalry game – stuff happens.


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