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Stadium and Main: This will never get old

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

This will never get old

Even more Notre Dame game stuff. Sure, it will have to stop some time before Saturday, but not yet!

Jake says “Lloydball plus risks” is what it’s all about. ESPN’s Page 2 says “R.I.P. Weis’ sanctity.” And even though you’ve probably seen this already, I’ll paste it before it scrolls off into message board oblivion:
Notre Dame Propelled Into BCS Contention

With a commanding loss to now sixth-ranked Michigan on Saturday, Notre Dame has asserted itself as a front runner for another coveted at-large berth in a BCS bowl.

“As we demonstrated last year, nothing impresses the BCS computers and bowl selection committees like losses to top 10 teams,” pointed out an exuberant Charlie Weis on Sunday. “It is early in the season yet, but we are putting ourselves in an excellent position to control our own destiny.”

Notre Dame’s Fiesta Bowl bid last year was fueled by a close loss to top-ranked USC as well as a second loss to 5-6 Michigan State. Does Coach Weis believe that a second loss is needed this year as well to secure a top bowl?

“Absolutely,” asserted the coach, “Last year, even with the two losses, some said we didn’t deserve the bid. We have felt from the outset that if we could simply upgrade our two losses to only top-10 teams, we would be a shoo-in for the BCS again.”

Fighting Irish faithful already have November 25th circled on their calendar as the best opportunity for a loss to a top team, as Notre Dame will travel to Los Angeles to take on USC to close the regular season.

“You never want to look past any teams,” admitted quarterback Brady Quinn, “But when I look at the way the schedule is playing out, I get goosebumps. If Michigan and USC both simply win out, we could end the season with losses to two top five teams. We don’t want to jinx ourselves, but we are all thinking national championship. If one loss to a highly ranked team qualified us for the Fiesta Bowl last year, we are incredibly excited to see where two top-five losses will take us.”

Some critics have questioned Weis’s strategy for losing big games, pointing out how other successful coaches have won championships by actually winning games. But Weis laughs it off.

“That’s just not my style. Anyone can win the games. But only a program with the stature of Notre Dame can rise in the polls and in the opinions of pundits by losing with the kind of flair and style that we bring. That is my goal and will continue to be as long as I am head coach.”
Sad thing is, this is probably what will happen. A loss to Michigan at the beginning of the year, a loss to USC at the end, and a BCS Bowl. Let's hope they are the ones that get stuck playing TCU.


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