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Stadium and Main: Thoughts on Week 3 of CFB

Monday, September 18, 2006

Thoughts on Week 3 of CFB

What a great weekend it was...

- Some more Notre Dame notes, as these things just keep popping into my head. Wasn’t it sweet how the announcers were talking about Jerome Bettis coming back to campus for the first time in forever, and showing the highlights of the ND Pep Rally at the beginning of the game… and then at the end, they were all like “there just really wasn’t much buzz about this game like there was last week.” No guys… there was buzz, but Michigan was the Buzzkill (classic MTV show!!).

- And don't miss this stuff: LL(!) and some idiots.

- The Big 12 is horrible. Horrible. Nebraska is probably improved, but didn’t look that great in a loss at USC. Oklahoma kinda got the shaft from the refs, but it was a major choke job at Oregon (hmmm… why does that sound familiar?). Texas could be the worst Top 10 team ever. They showed me nothing against Ohio State, and have remained high in the polls due to (1) preseason ranking, and (2) a bevy of losses by other preseason Top 15 teams. Meanwhile, Texas A&M needed a goal line stand to beat... Army. Colorado has lost 7 straight. And thanks for nothing, Texas Tech – losers against TCU, who will probably run the table and end up playing Michigan in a BCS bowl. Great.

- Consider this nightmare scenario: Notre Dame wins out, and Michigan wins out but loses its last game at Ohio State. Ohio State plays Notre Dame for the BCS Championship. Despite the whoopin’. Fair? Well, ND would have what would probably be an impressive win at USC. But ND’s schedule isn’t that tough, and Michigan obliterated them in South Bend. This is just another case of “it matters when you lose.” Sure, we would have already had our “shot” at Ohio State, but would ND deserve one in that situation, or should we get another one? Don’t think I’m crazy here – a similar situation happened in 1996, when Florida got a second shot at #1 FSU, and made the most of it to win the National Title.

- Best 0-3 team in the country? Vandy!! They weren’t that bad against us, and they could have (and possibly should have) beaten Alabama on the road and Arkansas at home. I’m rooting for them the rest of the year, no doubt.

- If the Big 12 is horrible, the ACC is merely terrible. Western Michigan beat Virginia. Southern Miss over N.C. State. Both of those turds are now 1-2, after other bad losses in previous weeks. Miami just isn’t Miami anymore, after getting destroyed by Louisville. And you thought Michigan fans were tough on Lloyd? A fan had to be restrained after the game, when he ran after the Miami A.D. to demand Larry Coker’s head on a platter. The best part is that this was a road game, so it was probably a rich alumnus – not some drunk guy in a Dwyane Wade jersey.


Anonymous JeffG said...

I was at the pep rally friday evening and couldn't believe some of the thing those players were saying. They accused our players of talkign trash all week, poked fun at the two L's in Coach Carr's name, talked about how their offense, defense, and coaching was better than ours, and they even talked shit about our punter(!?!). The arrogance oozing from their pregame words only makes the result that much sweeter.

1:53 PM  
Blogger Nick said...

Really? Wow... That is nuts. They probably got a hold of the story that Ross Ryan (our punter) wanted to go to ND, but they didn't take him. Since then, he's wanted to beat them badly.

What a bunch of fools.

2:36 PM  

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