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Stadium and Main: Late post-MSU thoughts

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Late post-MSU thoughts

I was at the game this weekend, and didn’t get back to DC until last night, so forgive my tardiness. Plus, I haven’t watched the game on TV yet, so this is all based on Section 9 views...

- MSU is so dumb. So many stupid penalties, such a horrible game plan. With Michigan up 24-0 with 11:22 left in the 3rd Quarter, MSU proceeded to go on a seven-minute, thirty-five second drive, which (fortunately, for them) ended in a touchdown. At that point, the game was over. Michigan dominated the Time of Possession in the first half (17:55 to 12:05), yet MSU decides to bleed the clock while trying to make a 24-point comeback? Go deep, fools! Our Safeties aren’t that good. Apparently MSU forgot that we have Mike Hart at RB and Lloyd Carr as Head Coach. Lloyd must have been loving watching the time tick away.

- Solid run defense, again. Burgess looked good from where I sat. He had a few big hits, at least.

- Jamar Adams needs to bat down that 4th Down pass. I’m sure Lloyd gave him the whole “field position” talk afterwards. MSU had a short field and scored on the next drive thanks to that INT mistake.

- Henne was a bit off, but nothing much to complain about. He missed a wide-open Manningham on a waggle rollout / deep post, and got a bit lucky on Manningham’s second TD (tipped ball). He had a few nice check-downs to Breaston where he didn’t get nervous in the pocket. He’s looking more confident, but this week at PSU will be a huge test, especially without Manningham.

- Word was going around about Hart’s apparent ankle injury, so I was relieved to see him back out there on Special Teams for MSU’s onside kick.


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