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Stadium and Main: General CFB thoughts

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

General CFB thoughts

More than half-way through the season already?!

- In case you didn’t notice, Michigan controls its own BCS destiny. I say this because some Michigan fans (a neurotic bunch, no doubt) are still analyzing the BCS Poll and fretting. Ohio State, USC, and Michigan are the only 3 unbeaten BCS big dawgs left. Forget about WVU, Louisville and the rest of their ilk – the computers aren’t going to give them any love, and neither are the humans (that sounds weird). If we win out, we’re in the BCS Championship Game. If we win out and lose to OSU, we go to the Rose Bowl. If we lose to Iowa and OSU... well, that would stink. Let’s hope it doesn’t play out like that.

- Is the SEC really that good? I find it funny that when the Big Ten champ finishes with a conference loss or two, and everybody beats up on each other, it’s because the Big Ten is weak. But when the same thing happens in the SEC, it’s because the SEC is the “best football conference in America.” It would be one thing if the SEC had played a tough non-conference schedule this year. But one win over Cal is really all they have to show, not to mention potential SEC West champ Arkansas getting blown away at home against USC. But, you know, they’ve got SPEED and Tim Brando and all that good stuff.

- On a related note, Wisconsin is good. You know, the Wisconsin Badgers, who destroyed SEC superpower Auburn in last year’s Capital One Bowl? And yet Auburn enters the season ranked #2 and will be a fixture in the Top 10, while Wisconsin has only lost at Michigan and is still ranked in the 20s? Say wuhh?

- Vandy! Finally breaking through with a nice win over Georgia. I said they were the best 0-3 team in the country. Now they’re the best 3-4 team in the country. If they can beat South Carolina at home, and Duke and Kentucky on the road (a feasible task), they will be bowl eligible the year after losing their best QB ever. Tee Martin style.


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