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Stadium and Main: 3 quick CFB things

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

3 quick CFB things

- Is this not one of the worst Heisman races ever? I think Troy Smith will probably win, and deservedly so, but it’s not like everybody is in awe of the guy. And couple that with the fact that the rest of the field is average, and it’s a really boring year for Heisman debates. Maybe somebody (Hart? Henne?) will put on a show in the remaining games, but I’m not expecting much debate (or excitement) this December.

- Texas A&M could be the worst 7-1 team in the history of 7-1 teams. Their resume:
Sep 2 The Citadel W 35-3
Sep 9 Louisiana-Lafayette W 51-7
Sep 16 Army W 28-24 (needed a last-minute goal-line stand to win)
Sep 23 Louisiana Tech W 45-14
Sep 30 Texas Tech L 27-31
Oct 7 @ Kansas W 21-18
Oct 14 Missouri W 25-19 (benefited from the idiotic “fumble thru endzone = touchback” rule)
Oct 21 @ Oklahoma State W 34-33 (Overtime)
- Need another reason to "strongly dislike" Charlie Weis and Notre Dame?
Q. What's your reaction to after a win you drop one in the AP Poll, two in the Coach Poll, one in the BCS?

Charlie Weis: Well, the things that surprise me are in that situation - I'll just cite a couple of them, like one of the teams that jumped us [Tennessee] had the same game that we had. Another down, they're playing at home, they're down and they win by a field goal. Another team that jumped us [Florida] wasn't even playing. They're sitting at home eating cheeseburgers, and they ended up jumping us. So that befuddles me.

We go into a game with 27 seconds to go, come from behind, win a thrilling game, and because we win a thrilling game, let's move us down because one team is not playing and the other team had the exact same game, exactly the same. Tell me how that works. Maybe I'm just stupid, just tell me how that works. You're on the AP, tell me how that works (laughter).
I think Tennessee fans would disagree that they "had the exact same game." First, Tennessee went ahead with 3:28 to play, Notre Dame took the lead with 27 seconds left. Second, Tennessee didn’t have to rely on passive play-calling from Karl Dorrell to even get the ball back for a chance to win. And it has to be mentioned: "[t]hey're sitting at home eating cheeseburgers?!" Anybody who’s taken Psych 101 now knows what Charlie does in his free time, as if there was any doubt.

So, ya, Lloyd yells at officials and can be short with reporters, but at least he doesn’t pull this crap. His vanilla "I don’t worry/care about the polls" comments almost sound poetic compared to Weis' whinging. The only time Lloyd has ever even remotely, possibly complained about the polls was after the final 1997 polls when he joked that maybe coaches weren’t as smart as writers (since Michigan won the AP title, Nebraska the Coaches’). It’s going to be funny when Notre Dame plays Tennessee or Florida in a BCS Bowl after losing to USC. Get ready for your whoopin’, Charlie!


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