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Stadium and Main: September 16th will be the longest day of my life

Thursday, July 27, 2006

September 16th will be the longest day of my life

Many Michigan fans will see "September 16th" and assume that I am referring to the Notre Dame game, which I certainly am. But that game itself isn’t the reason why that Saturday will be the longest day of my life. It is a big reason, but not the reason.

Michigan plays at Notre Dame at 3:30 p.m. Eastern. 3:30 games are great to attend, but are often annoying if you are watching on TV. The first reason this day will be long is because I’ll have to wait forever for the Michigan game to start. On Saturdays in the Fall, I always wake up earlier than I would prefer. It’s like being a kid on Christmas, except you have to wait a few hours to open your presents. So by the time 3:30 hits, I will be a bundle of nerves. Sitting at home and being forced to listen to Lee Corso mispronounce players’ names and say “Big Blue” 20 times before kickoff is going to drive me insane. But to add insult to injury, September 16th seriously could be the greatest early-season day of college football ever. Check out the highlights:
Iowa State at Iowa -- Noon -- ESPN
BYU at Boston College -- Noon -- ESPN2
Michigan at Notre Dame -- 3:30 -- NBC (HD)
LSU at Auburn -- 3:30 -- CBS (HD)
Miami at Louisville -- 3:30 -- ABC / Gameplan
Michigan State at Pitt -- 3:30 -- ABC / Gameplan
Oklahoma at Oregon -- 3:30 -- ABC / Gameplan
Texas Tech at TCU -- 5:30 -- Versus (a.k.a. OLN)
Arizona State at Colorado -- 7:00 -- TBS
Clemson at Florida State -- 7:45 -- ESPN (HD)
Florida at Tennessee -- 8:00 -- CBS (HD)
Nebraska at Southern Cal -- 8:00 -- ABC (HD)
N.C. State at Southern Miss -- TBA -- TBA
Those are some pretty good games – most of which are non-conference games. Props to those teams for playing more difficult opponents in “the BCS era.” But back to my point… that game lineup is reason number two. Regardless of Michigan’s outcome (hint: loss), I will absolutely have to watch those other games, especially that ESPN/CBS/ABC night game trio. My DVR will be working overtime. The 3-TV setup will be in full effect [Yes, I have 3 TVs all lined up. Yes, I am insane. Yes, my girlfriend hates it.]

Reason number three is that after all the good games are over, near the stroke of midnight, I will force myself to check the Michigan Football message boards, web sites, et cetera, to see what the reaction is to the game (hint: meltdown). Even though I’ve been through it plenty of times before, I will subject myself to the rants of dudes with Napoleon Complexes or mid-life crises (or both, if I’m lucky!). Part of me will laugh, part of me will cry. By the time I get ready for bed, I will be exhausted.

It will be a frustrating, glorious, fast-paced, slow-moving, terrible, amazing day. And that is why college football is the greatest sport in the world.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Got my season tickets today. Major upgrade in the look of the tickets. Bigger and nicer than in the past. Well worth the $5 - $15 increase in price per game...?

10:51 PM  
Blogger Nick said...

Only a real Michigan fan would analyze the quality of the tickets. I love it.

7:31 PM  

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