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Stadium and Main: Who doesn't love free t-shirts?!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Who doesn't love free t-shirts?!

I attended the first official “maize out” game, back on October 26, 2002 (shout-out to BR for the ride). Before that game, Lloyd Carr said this:

On the "Maize Out" and what is does for a team... "There is an old quote that enthusiasm is a force that creates momentum. Anytime you are anywhere and there is enthusiasm, it creates a force. There is no question that a spirited stadium motivates your team and everybody. Yet, it is a two-edge sword. If you go out and do not play well and do not play hard the crowd is not behind you. There has never been a big game where the crowd was not there and excited. I do think the fact that the students seem to be getting involved and there is more of an organized effort to create some energy is very positive for our team."
How he got through that quote without using the word “tremendous” is beyond me. But I digress... The maize out that day was not a success, and neither was the game – a 34-9 whooping at the hands of Iowa.

Let’s move forward to the present day. Fortunately, the “maize out” idea is becoming a bit more effective each time it is attempted, and the team has managed to avoid getting blown out like that over the past few seasons. Michigan fans (even the old blue hairs) are starting to catch on to the idea of (gasp!) home-field advantage, but getting 110,000 people to wear the same color is a tough task. So here’s the simple solution:

Select one “maize out” game each year – a game against a quality opponent or rival that takes place earlier in the season (due to weather concerns). Hand out free maize T-shirts to every fan that enters the Stadium. How can the T-shirts be free? Easy – get a corporation or ten to “sponsor” the T-shirt giveaway by allowing them to print their logo(s) on the back of the T-shirt, while the front of the T-shirt could be a simple Block M, a “Go Blue,” or something else that isn’t too tacky. Make sure to have an adequate supply of all sizes, especially larger sizes so people can fit them over the shirts that they are already wearing (and/or the beer bellies that many Michigan residents proudly sport).

Now, I (kind of) understand the argument against advertising inside the Big House, but there really isn’t an argument against accepting some free maize T-shirts with a GM or Pepsi logo on the back for one Saturday per year. Or is there? Please let me know if there is, you hippie.

I’ll even make it easier for the marketing geniuses at U of M... Oct. 7, 2006 vs. MSU is your first official “Free Maize Out T-shirt Game.” Sept. 15, 2007 vs. Notre Dame is your second, and Sept. 27, 2008 vs. Wisconsin can be your third. You’re on your own from there. Make it happen, son! [P.S. Please feel free to forward this post/info to the powers that be at Michigan. As you can tell by my blogging frequency, I can be prone to laziness.]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good idea as usual.

And I had forgotten (or never knew) that that was a maize out game. But I did remember getting demolished.

I'm not very perceptive...

8:01 PM  
Anonymous Jeremy said...

While this would be nice, simply having a maize season shirt is enough for me. The proof is in the pudding.

Blue season shirts: 4-3
Single-game "maize outs": 1-1
Maize season shirts: 13-0

8:54 PM  
Anonymous Jeremy said...

Oops, that should be 3-3 on the blue season shirts, since the Maize Out was on PSU, which we won.

8:56 PM  
Blogger Nick said...

Jeremy breaks out the stats! Nice! I agree with your superstition fears, I just think maize shows up better (on TV, etc.).

10:23 AM  

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