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Stadium and Main: <i>Don't</i> Kill Your TV

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Don't Kill Your TV

Tune InSome of the ideas and rumors that were discussed in this post have come to fruition. The Big Ten is starting its own TV channel, and has extended its agreement with ABC/ESPN for 10 more years. This is a good thing, in my opinion, but there are some potential problems. My take...

The Positives:

- More football (and basketball) games on TV. This is always a good thing. Despite the wide array of sports channels and national football coverage, there are always a few games each year that I search for but can't find. Starting in 2007, when you look at the ESPN2 ticker and see that Illinois is leading Purdue by 7 in the 4th, there will be a better chance that you'll be able to see the (exciting?) conclusion. And, yes, I would watch that... because I'm a loser.

- More exposure for the Big Ten. Some fans have asked whether this TV channel and new ABC/ESPN deal make it more likely that the Big Ten will expand to 12 teams. I don't think so. Although I'm sure that higher ratings in markets like Pittsburgh or New York would be desirable, do you really see the Big Ten adding Pitt or Syracuse in the near future? It once again comes down to the need for adequate athletics and academics. There doesn't seem to be a "good fit" out there, although that standard seems to change from year to year. Regardless, having a 24-hour propaganda machine will be nice, and will make the "Notre Dame has its own network" idiots chill out (for a second, at least).

The Negatives:

- Some (many?) people won't have access to the channel. DirecTV subscribers can rest easy - they have already signed on. But seeing that most cable providers have yet to add ESPNU (which has been around for more than a year already), will they jump at the chance to add another expensive sports channel? I would encourage fans to call their local cable company and start requesting the channel now, because we know that it will take these fools forever to get the ball rolling. If large cable providers like Comcast and Cox don't get onboard, this is gonna stink. Get on the phone, son.

- Even if you have access to the channel, you might not be able to afford it. If the Big Ten Channel is placed in a "premium tier" or a "sports package" on your cable/dish service, you might not be able to afford it. DirecTV has said it will be part of their basic "Total Choice Package," but will other companies follow suit? While many of us take cable for granted, you have to realize that plenty of people (and potential recruits) don't have it. That is why many Detroiters are saying that the loss of WJR 760 AM is a bigger deal than it seems. While the new radio deal is more than adequate, watching or listening to Michigan "for free" might become less common in the future.

The Unknowns:

- How will this impact the ESPN Gameplan package? Will Big Ten Channel games be shown on that, too? If so, how often?

- Will local networks be able to cover any Big Ten Channel games, or will they be shut out for good? Will they be able to "purchase" the games of their local teams, much like what used to happen with ESPN Sunday Night Football (where the local ABC affiliate would put the game on so those without cable could watch, too)?

Other Unrelated (but still related) Stuff:

I'm glad that Brian agrees with my interpretation of this text, because I thought I was hallucinating when I read this:
"All regional afternoon football games aired on ABC will be aired by ESPN/ESPN2 in outer-markets, making these games nationally available."

To all of my D.C. friends: No more ruined Saturday afternoons thanks to Maryland, Virginia, Clemson, Wake Forest, and all of the other sorry, boredom-inducing ACC jokers. If Michigan is playing at 3:30 on ABC, you will get to see it on ABC, ESPN, or ESPN2. Finally, we have justice.


Blogger WolverineinWA said...

Don't forget the west coast!


8:32 PM  
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