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Stadium and Main: My arm got squeezed!!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

My arm got squeezed!!

A few quick things after a long absence and before what should be a crazy weekend:

- Prior to the Michigan-Georgetown basketball game tonight, the UMDC alumni association had John Beilein come speak for a few minutes before the game (about 6:15 p.m., IIRC). I was waiting for my girlfriend at the door, and when Coach Beilein came in, I got to talk to him for a quick minute. He seemed like a nice guy - very personable, firm handshake, appreciative of the support... all the things you'd expect from a coach. We had the entire first floor of Clyde's packed with Michigan fans, and Coach Beilein actually got up on one of the bar area tables to talk to us. I don't remember every word, but he mentioned something like "If you could see our practices, they look like middle school practices." Talked about fundamentals, asked that we be patient with the team, said that the team will grow throughout the year, etc. Finished it with something like, "On Saturday, let's beat the snot out of the Buckeyes." Yes, he definitely said "snot," which I found amusing. This of course led to a big cheer and a chorus of The Victors. I think I saw a tourist or two in the corner, probably wondering what in the world was going on.

- Maybe more important, depending on how you dissect it, was my quick pseudo-conversation with Associate Athletic Director Greg Harden (Who is Greg Harden? This is Greg Harden - a really cool guy, it seems). Coach Beilein had introduced him and another member of the staff, and I leaned over to Mr. Harden and said "You guys have called Les Miles, right?" He just smiled (knowingly? It was hard to tell). I said "You know you've got him." At that point, he shook my hand and gave me some sort of arm squeeze (with his other hand). It was like two quick squeezes, hand grasping the biceps, and it really left me befuddled. He walked away without saying a word. A smile, a handshake, and an arm squeeze. I relayed this story to a few friends, and they all seemed to think that it was telling re: Miles coming to U of M (some more than others). I have no idea what to make of it, I'm just posting it because (1) people seem to love to read the tea leaves, especially this week (rightfully so), and (2) I have no idea what it meant, if anything!

- The b-ball game was what it was. Kelvin Grady is a good player and someone we really could have used the past few years (a guard and a player who goes all out all the time). Manny Harris is a pure basketball player, but he needs more experience and improved fundamentals. Ron Coleman needs to not start, and arguably needs to not play. He just looked BAD tonight. Rebounding was weak and the team looked a bit lost at times. But there was some flow on offense, which was a good sign after years of Amaker-ball. Georgetown is a very good team, so I'm not sure how upset to be about the loss. It's clear that we don't have many pure shooters, and when DeShawn Sims has a bad night (like tonight) we're going to struggle. Zach Gibson might end up being a pleasant surprise. He had a few "hustle" type of rebounds and defensive plays.

- One random thing that I wrote down on Saturday but never posted. Don't necessarily trust the ESPN ticker! After years of near-perfect accuracy, the ESPN ticker was all messed up for the Texas - Texas Tech game. During Ron Zook's post-game presser, ESPN's ticker said "Texas Tech 10, Texas 39 - 9:00 left 4th quarter." I knew this was wrong since on my other TV was the game itself: Texas Tech 28, Texas 38 - 9:00 left 4th quarter. Come on, ESPN!

- I'm off to Ann Arbor. MUST BEAT OHIO STATE. Win one for Lloyd (and Hart, and Henne, and Long...). See you there... Go Blue!


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