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Stadium and Main: 2 games, 2 losses, 2 million thoughts

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

2 games, 2 losses, 2 million thoughts

Here are 4 of them:

- Is Super Mario dogging it out there? Some fans seem to think so, and I can't necessarily disagree with them. I just watched the Oregon game after attending, and in person he looked like he wasn't at full speed - even moreso than on TV. On Henne's interception on our first drive, Manningham was probably interfered with. This was not visible on TV, even on the replay (although Nessler did say that Manningham's "path was blocked," or something to that effect), but from Section 9 the interference was quite clear. One ref even reached into his back pocket for a flag, 1998 Rose Bowl style. But where was Manningham's anger? I don't want our players to turn into whiners, but at least show some life out there. The universal "flag signal" that every receiver uses nowadays would have been appropriate there, but Mario just seemed like he was defeated from the beginning and didn't put up a fight. Maybe Mallett can connect with him this week and get Mario back in the game.

- ... ... For the eighth time, Lloyd Carr is a great man. But his time is coming to an end - it has to. There is a cloud of uncertainty and negativity surrounding this program, stemming from retirement rumors, health rumors, and rumors that Carr will be fired (which even my grandma knows ain't happening). Regardless of the merit of these rumors, they are persistent and will only get worse. Michigan cannot be successful under these circumstances. Lloyd has to understand this. Lloyd has to retire at season's end, for the good of the program.

- Henne getting hurt can't be seen as a good thing now, no matter how poorly he was playing. But in hindsight (like, in 2009), this might be a good thing for Ryan Mallett. If he has to burn a redshirt, might as well have a baptism by fire instead of mop-up duty against Eastern Michigan and Minnesota.

- This is exactly the type of ND game that we lose, because we're supposed to win. For those of you who have made big bucks off of Michigan's woes in the past few weeks, here's an odd (but not surprising) stat: In the last 8 Michigan-Notre Dame games, the favorite is just 1-7 against the spread. Somebody's gotta be 0-3, it might as well be us! Let the Clausen hype continue!


Blogger Andrew said...

agree with 1, 2 and 3, disagree vehemently with 4.

1) Hart is obviously on fire all the time for this team and I don't question Long's passion and commitment. I saw Crable on the sidelines exhorting the D to step up, which is good, but there is only so much exhortations can do. what about the other "leaders" of the team? or are they only leaders in the statistical sense?

2) Agree that Carr's time is drawing to a close. I think he knows it probably better than anyone. I seriously doubt he pulls a JoePa. Given the respect I have for him as a man and as a coach, i hope he goes out on a positive note.

3) Agree about Mallett getting meaningful playing time as long as the redshirt is getting burned (which we knew would happen regardless).

4) Maybe you're just being facetious, but screw that. i would be loathe to even JOKE about notre dame beating Michigan. that is an odd stat, but one which has no bearing on this game. i believe in our kids.

that said, I finally know what it's like to be a michigan state fan: hopes for the season dashed as soon as it gets started, just praying for a bowl berth (much less a good one), and expecting a new coach at the end of the season.

10:24 AM  
Blogger Todd said...

Check out this article bout MM.

7:20 PM  

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