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Stadium and Main: The end is nigh

Sunday, January 07, 2007

The end is nigh

Just one day remains in the 2006 college football season. Depression sets in soon. I'm still pondering ways to hibernate, grizzly bear style. Yet again I'm faced with a recurring problem: root for Ohio State, or no? That whole BCS mess was frustrating, but seeing that Michigan didn't hold up its end of the bargain (Dwayne Jarrett just caught another pass), does it really matter? The question now revolves around my Big Ten loyalties. A 3-0 mark against the SEC would be nice. But it won't be nice when Mark May, Craig James and company continue with the "the SEC is the best conference" stuff next season. Resistance to "southern speed" is apparently futile (unless you play for Wisconsin or Penn State, that is). This is the best:
"Tim Brando, going with the pro-SEC theme that CBS shamelessly employs, began highlights of the Penn State-Tennessee game on New Year’s Day (a game in which Penn St. won) by saying, “Now let’s remember that the outcome of bowl games does nothing to prove which conference is better.” Brando might as well have been wearing an “I Love the SEC” T-Shirt."
Other stuff in my brain:

- I know it's a ridiculous excuse, but it also seems to be a trend... Am I the only one that thinks we play significantly worse on grass than FieldTurf? And I'm not just talking about playing worse on the road - it's like we're a bunch of 3rd-graders at the ice rink. If I had more time/energy, I'd do some sort of research on this. It's just something that's been in my head since the Iowa game in 2003, and it has been prevalent at ND, OSU, the Rose Bowl... even at Purdue. It's just weird.

- It's a bit disappointing (and amazing) that Boise State was the New Year's Day Bowl participant that reminded me why I love college football so much. And to those saying "see... if there was a playoff, that wouldn't have happened!," I say, if there was a playoff (done right), it would have happened - it just would have happened in Boise, Idaho or Norman, Oklahoma, in the first round. You know those March Madness upsets that everybody loves so much? Why can't they happen in college football, too? Boise State could be this year's George Mason. They might not beat an OSU or a Florida, but at least they'd have a chance, as opposed to finishing #5 in the polls, or whatever.


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