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Stadium and Main: Some Alternatives to Sleep Away Camp

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Some Alternatives to Sleep Away Camp

I taught this guy, I can teach you!Although it is too late to sign up for a few of these things, there are some random Michigan Football camps this summer. First, for the ladies - the Women's Football Academy on June 17th. This camp benefits the Coach Carr Cancer Fund, so even if you disagree with Lloyd's punting strategies, it's for a good cause. A few women that I know have attended the camp and really enjoyed it, so if your lady is even mildly athletic, think about it for next year. For the high schoolers looking to make a name for themselves, there is the annual Michigan Football Camp, where Seniors can earn "official offers," and players can try to get on Michigan's recruiting radar. If you have any thoughts of playing at the D-1 level, this camp is worth your money. Finally, there is the 1st Annual Michigan Men's Fantasy Football Experience, which sounds cool, but is limited to season ticket holders (and is therefore quite pricey).

OT: There is a poster on The Victors Message Board who is adamant that the Michigan-OSU game will be a 3:30 kickoff this year - saying that he's seen the official ABC TV documents and such (I would link the post, but they scroll off the board). Usually I would write this off as phony, but this guy can spell and stuff. So, I figured I would throw this out there for you to chew on. [Updated: The rumor is rolling around on other sites, too.] If it happens, the 2nd half of the game would have to be played under the lights. Probably not a good thing for Michigan, but it might look pretty darn cool. We shall see.


Blogger Jake said...

Any word on whether Lloyd has a coaching camp? I'd love to be enlightened in the ways of Lloyd.

3:54 PM  
Blogger Nick said...

I know that the Michigan coaches have had coaching camps in the past, although I'm not sure about this year. If you want, you can find old Michigan playbooks on Ebay, including the 1997 Defense's playbook. I was kinda surprised to see that out there.

It would be sweet if they had a reunion coaching camp where Lloyd brought back Stan Parrish and Jim Herrmann. I would pay money to attend that.

10:47 PM  

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